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CrossFit Kids & Teens

We will help transform your kids confidence and fitness from their first session.


Classes will be coached by S&C Specialist, Ruairi Davies

We will put your kids physical and mental health on the path to success.

Do you find it hard to get your kid active?

Does your kid;
- Struggle with confidence?
- Not like conventional sports?
- Need more discipline and focus?
- Need to lose bodyfat? 

CrossFit is for them!

Our coaches will build your kids confidence and fitness by teaching them new skills in a fun environment.

We are starting small to focus on quality, so we only have 25 places available on the programme

From as low as £5 per class

Option 1- £29/M for 5 classes a month

Option 2- £49/M for 9 classes a month

Option 3- £10 PAYG


I want my kids to join, but they cant do any of these times!
Let us know when they can do and we will try our best to put on new class times.

Thanks for submitting!

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