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I am an online and in person strength and conditioning coach/Personal trainer based in Newport and
Monmouth that practices what he preaches (check it out for yourself @CoreyBeerPT). I have found a
better, healthier life through strength training, so I am helping my clients do the same.


I have spent thousands of hours helping hundreds of people reach feats they never thought possible using the same principles I learnt and practiced in the trenches (AKA the gym) to be as strong as possible and Injury impervious.

What I do is show my clients the strength they are capable of and help them attain their ideal
physique. We do so by educating them on lifting technique, nutrition, and strength training
principles so they understand how to gain muscle and strength effectively. Its hard to navigate all
the misinformation in the fitness industry as there’s a lot. Although I believe putting the right
information out there can help and that it will rise above the nonsense.

You can eat and drink the foods you like, they’re not evil. You can lift damn heavy weights; you
won’t ruin your joints. You can be healthy and as strong as an ox all whilst still enjoying your life, you
don’t have to be a boring sod to progress and achieve your goals (unless you’re a bodybuilder).
When you’re ready to improve your training knowledge, strength, and lifestyle, contact me and get

Corey Beer

Corey Beer

Strength Coach/ Personal Trainer

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