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Emily Harrison

Emily Harrison

Qualified Personal Trainer



I had always dabbled with fitness throughout my teens; captaining a college swimming team, representing a university hockey team (mostly for the social) to then training for various physical trails in the police. However, as I became busy with work and then having two small children it became full time and all consuming. Moving to the Wye after working on a 999 response team on the streets of Central London was initially difficult to acclimatise to and I felt that my identity as I knew it had been stripped away when being stuck at home with toddlers.

I discovered a little bit of me-time in the form of running and walking. I started off at home doing 20 minute hill walks on my treadmill with my daughter rocking in a swing chair. Then I would go to weekly park runs embracing the stunning area which we live in before setting my sights on completing a half marathon before joining the Monmouth Running Club. It got serious and with various half marathons, marathons and, ultra marathons and, later, other events under my belt I decided I needed to reinforce my strength and fitness and stave off injuries with cross training. Gym work helped me to build the necessary foundations of strength.

I decided to make this active lifestyle out in the beautiful Wye a career. You cannot live here and not enjoy being active right? Whether it’s walking, canoeing or cycling, any active past-time has to be a part of everyday life. My health and family’s health are a high priority as is good mental wellbeing. There are many challenges and societal pressures we face which are out of our control, but our overall fitness and wellbeing is within our control. I see this is as a way of life.


I wanted to qualify in personal training so that I could share the many benefits with others. Everyone has a story and it is important to know why you are making fitness a life choice and figure out how the tools are going to set you up for the future. Speaking for myself, I feel strong and I am reaping the rewards of earning increased performance in sport. I cope with stress more easily, I sleep better and I rarely fall ill with common colds. And going back to the social aspect of exercise, from team sport to group walks, forming friendships with likeminded people at the gym can be a lot of fun! These are just a few reasons why my way of life is here to stay.


 IIf you are also looking for some of the same benefits, please get in touch so we can arrange an initial consultation or a call.

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