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Gym Equipment

Coming Soon......

Monmouth's only private and exclusive 24/7 gym.

We will only allow 50 members, Once we are full, you will join the waiting list. 

This space will be fully equipped with everything you need to accomplish any training goal. Including;

-Changing Rooms and Shower

-15 Squat Racks

-30 Barbells , 2000kg in plates, Dumbbells up to 45kg

-Plate loaded machines, Leg Press, Smith Machine, Glute Drive, T-bar Row, Lat Pulldown, Seated Row, Reverse Hyper, Hyper Extension, Dip Station, 

-Specialist 3x2m Deadlift Platform

- 2x CrossFit Rigs

-11x Ergs and tonnes of functional equipment.

We will be in touch soon

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