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‘My complete motivation and dedication -

I know how it feels to be at my very worst which drives me to push past my own barriers and walls I put in place to be my very best. Which allows me to bring out the best in people’.

I have worked in various gyms in South Wales and worked with a range of clients. Whether it would be giving nutritional advice in various forms. Or working along side clients goals, with advanced training programmes that will allow the individual to reach a potential they never knew they could achieve.

I will use various training techniques through forms of resistance training, cardiovascular training and conditioning/ circuits. Alongside the correct nutrition advice to benefit all levels.

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  • Elite

    Every month
    • Mini

      Every month
      5x Group PT Sessions per month
      • Group PT- Strength Focussed
      • Group PT- CrossFit Focussed
    • 24/7 Access

      Every month
      +£10 KeyFob Deposit
      • 24/7 Access to-
      • Bodybuilding, Strength, Fitness Zone
      • Outside Functional Area and Rig
    • Golden Years (10 sessions)

      10 sessions for the golden years classes
      Valid for 3 months
      • Golden Years
    • CrossFit Kids & Teens

      Every month
      5 classes per month
      • CrossFit Teens
    • CrossFit Kids & Teens

      Every month
      9 Classes per month
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